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CSR and Environmental Education

Empower your workforce

of millennial professionals would be more loyal to a company that helps them contribute to solving social and environmental issues.


(Cone Communications, 2016)

We each make hundreds of decisions every day in the workplace- imagine if we could enhance our decisions by including the all-important element of sustainability. At Green-ish, we've designed a variety of key trainings to help promote the critical thinking abilities of your workforce and inspire new and innovative sustainability initiatives. ​


These trainings are designed for companies who are looking to empower their teams and give them a competitive edge. Our trainings make a great addition to corporate social responsibility programs!

Empower and motivate your teams to live and work more sustainably

Enable continuous learning and personal development

Increase employee morale and satisfaction

Here's a behind-the-scenes video of our recycling workshop with Varela Hermanos!

Join the Green-ish movement!

Level 1: Awareness

Live talks and workshops designed to raise environmental awareness and inspire simple, yet impactful, action. Perfect for groups who are just beginning on their sustainability journeys, and for special occasions like Earth Day, World Oceans Month and Plastic Free July.

Plastic Bag in Ocean


How to be an ocean ally

Trash on Beach


What's the deal with plastic?

Image by Noah Buscher


Intro to Sustainability



How to measure your carbon footprint

Level 2: Capacity building

From recycling and composting, to brainstorming a new sustainable initiative at work, these interactive workshops are designed to empower participants with a useful sustainable skill that can help them reduce waste, save costs and do something positive for the planet.


Recycle like a Pro

Image by Neslihan Gunaydin


Composting 101


Sustainability: your tool for corporate success

Level 3: Integration

Where sustainability meets professional development. These multi-session educational programs are designed to involve your teams in the development and implementation of new sustainability initiatives. It's about giving them the tools and framework they need to discover the intersection between their unique skills and knowledge, environmental opportunities and company objectives. 

Image by Brands&People


Build your own program

Unlock a world of opportunity.

Ready to unlock your team's potential even further?

For bookings and additional course information, contact us at or +507 6294-9832.

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