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DIY Workshops

Hands-on eco learning

Save yourself the hours of searching through Youtube and Google for the best DIYs- we've already done the work for you!

These fun, interactive workshops are all about learning new skills for a more sustainable lifestyle and are filled with our favourite tried and tested techniques that can be put into action right here in Panama. Amazing group vibes and human in-person guidance are just around the corner :)

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Teñido Natural: DIY scrunchies

Give your clothes and fabric new life with the colours of nature!


Learn the ins and outs of the fascinating art of fabric dyeing with natural pigments. From preparing your materials, to extracting and fixing pigment, you'll be ready to transform your clothes, sheets, and totes with avocado pits, turmeric, onion skins and more in no time!

Where: Panama City, Panama

Price: $40 per person

Includes: 1.5 hour in-person workshop, materials, sewing of your 3 dyed scrunchies, delivery of you 3 dyes scrunchies (applies to in-city delivery only)

Get on the waiting list for a 10% discount:

Thanks for your interest! We'll be in touch soon :)

Photos taken during our natural fabric dyeing class in Venao (Emite Photography)

Natural home cleaning

Composting 101


Natural fabric dyeing

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To sign up for a Green-ish workshop or for more info, contact us at or +507 6294-9832.

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