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Making Eco-friendly Easier

Understanding your relationship and impact on the environment can be so complex in today's society; Green-ish is here to help guide you through the process.


Whether your goal is to be more earth-friendly in your personal life, or to develop stronger, more sustainable projects and strategies at work, our classes, workshops and content creation services are designed to encourage and empower you throughout your sustainability journey.

Some of our clients...

Cliente taller sostenible
Cliente corporativo cambio climático
Cliente programa de educación ambiental
Cliente taller ambiental para niños compostaje
Cliente marketing verde reciclaje
Cliente taller zero waste
Cliente empresa sostenible
Cliente taller corporativo sostenibilidad
Cliente corporativo taller de reciclaje
Cliente taller ambiental 'Una Vida Sostenible'
Cliente corporativo taller ahorro de agua
Cliente corporativo video de reciclaje
Cliente talleres ambientales de reciclaje

A more sustainable lifestyle at your fingertips


Intro to Zero Waste (Online)

I highly recommend this class to anyone interested in living a greener life! One particular aspect of the class that I found really helpful was the list of 100 ways to Green-ish; knowing that I can take small steps to live a more eco-friendly life motivates me to contribute to the environment without getting overwhelmed.


Composting 101 (Online)

I'm super glad I took Composting 101 with Green-ish! Between videos and articles, I had not been able to find a reference that was as concise and educational as this class. I'm encouraged to reduce my organic waste at home and contribute to the circular economy through composting.

Maria Alejandra

Natural home cleaning (Online)

It's incredible how one tends to be on automatic pilot when buying, and this course taught me to open my eyes much more, in this case with my cleaning products, and ask myself: "Why would I buy something that tells me that it's toxic to my health on the label?"

So thank you very much Ilana for sharing your experiences and formulas! I will definitely apply them at home 🤩.

La Prensa una vida sostenible
Ellas compostaje en casa
Directorio Sustentable Green-ish
Biomuseo Una vida zero waste
Ciudad del Saber Empaques sostenibles

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