About Green-ish

Consulting with a purpose

Green-ish was created with the goal of providing a space for accessible environmental education and resources in Panama and around the world through our online classes. We take complex environmental issues and teach them in a way that makes sense to the everyday person.


We want to empower our community to make better, more sustainable decisions in all aspects of their lives.  ​

Hi, I'm Ilana Perry, the founder of Green-ish. I was born and raised in Ottawa, Canada where I grew up as the youngest of 4 siblings, and my childhood consisted of school, friends, soccer practice, musical theatre, and summer weekends at the cottage. I was a city girl with a fear of spiders, so this story doesn't start out with many outdoor adventures or a deep love of nature. 


After high school, I studied International Business at Ottawa University where corporate social responsibility (CSR) quickly became my favourite subject- my mind was blown. I also really started enjoying spending time outdoors, especially going hiking and running in the mountains. I loved the concept of CSR, I now (finally) loved nature but I was far from an environmentalist. Until I moved to Panama City in 2015.

Fast forward to my first few weeks in Panama and I experienced culture shock in a way I never expected. Unlike at home in Canada, I no longer had public recycling or composting services. Instead of being neatly separated and taken away, all my trash now only had one place to go and I couldn't believe the amount I was creating. I realized that the responsibility had now shifted onto me, and that's when I started researching ways to reduce my trash and came across the concept of a zero waste lifestyle. Again, mind blown. Everything made so much sense. 


Since then I've been living a zero waste lifestyle, scored my first job in CSR, have taken numerous courses about CSR and environmental sustainability, became a certified Climate Reality Leader and, of course, founded Green-ish. Environmental sustainability is my passion and it's an honour to be able share it with you.